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I managed Alexia as a Web Product Manager during my tenure running that department. During that time, I was continually impressed with her flexibility and adaptability to change. Highly liked by her peers and her partners, Alexia strives to drive change through cooperative relationship management. She has been continually lauded by other product managers and developers that work with her for her ability to translate strategy into real, measurable tactics, and doing so in a manner that builds team camaraderie and partnerships.
— Aurangzeb Agha, Director, Customer Insights and Business Analytics at Autodesk
Alexia is an ‘integrator’, she is well respected by her peers for her intellect, clear communication and for her collaborative style. Alexia is always thinking about team morale and taking initiative to make the work environment one that is fun, motivating and rewarding for everyone on the team.
— Maya Pacheco, Web Product Management and Production Leader
Alexia is an expert web product manager and has a reputation for building strong relationships with support team and stakeholders alike. She masterfully blends business drivers with customer needs to arrive at web products that truly move the needle on KPIs. She is valued for her ability to manage scope, communicate effectively, and work side by side with her sprint teams to deliver the best product possible. It is such a pleasure to work with Alexia!
— Sunaina Gyani, Web & Mobile Product Manager
I have worked with Alexia on several projects while at Autodesk. Most projects were about improving customer experience of people who download trials of our software. Alexia always impressed me with her business acumen, ability to drive projects and to get things done. Also, Alexia has a good sense of what is important for the business and prioritizes projects based on this.
— Max Chernikov, Web Analytics Manager at Autodesk
Alexia would be a great asset to any organization. On several projects, I witnessed Alexia regularly demonstrate high levels of professionalism, confidence, and follow-through. Alexia actively supported our Agile practices by working to develop and maintain healthy product requirements / backlogs and often contributed helpful ideas when challenges arose. She’s a great team...
— Byron Newell, Certified Project Manager and Agile Scrum Master
Alexia is a master organizer, her skills extend far passed her responsibilities. She is a easy person to work with and always asks the right questions. We have worked on numerous projects together and I have never had any problems she could not solve. Alexia would be a great hire and any company would be lucky to have her.
— Brett Johnson, Senior User Interaction Designer at Autodesk