About Alexia Neves Art


I am a San Francisco native, raised in the Noe Valley/Mission area.  I grew up painting, drawing, modeling clay and more.  I've always been interested in the creative side of things growing up in such an artistically rich city with its unique architecture, scenery, textures, colors and mediums of artistic creativity throughout.  

I started painting in 2010 after a twenty year break. I took a few art sessions from a very wise teacher. The art sessions were not so much about technique, but about how to let the energy flow without being critical and cultivate the creativity within.

I've learned that even if I don't care for what I am painting at the time, to keep letting the energy flow and not paint over the original. Ultimately I have found that when I let it be, eventually I grow fond of the piece and it morphs into something unexpected.

I use acrylic paints on canvas, wood and other interesting surfaces. I paint what comes to me but also can create custom paintings. If there is a genre, imagery or color scheme you are interested in; whether it be decorative, detailed or abstract. I can work with you to determine a theme and size of a piece you might be interested in.

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